Thursday, May 3, 2007


Attention Getter - Nearly 11,000 military personnel have been tossed out of the U.S army under the 14-year-old policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", keeping openly declared gays out of the military. Over 750 crucial jobs for the war have been sacraficed because of this policy, including translators and such.

Paragraph 1 -
-People are not gay by choice, they are born that way (adding in the facts from the Hounds article)
-Transition to not only do they not have a choice but -- next paragraph topic sentence

Paragraph 2-
-The policy no longer makes sense in a time of war, when people are needed no matter what their sexual orientation (adding in the statistics)
-Transition to how far away a ban may be despite the support

Paragraph 3-
-Change is unlikely because supporters are still a minority (New Scrutiny article)

Paragraph 4-
-General of the Pentagon Peter Pace says that banning policy would condone "immoral" behavior.
-End with transition into my opinion

Paragraph 5-
-Topic sentence begins with my opinion (we should ban the policy because *information from paragraphs 1 and 2*)

-Restate thesis
-Review the main points:
  1. Gays are not gay by choice
  2. Policy no longer makes sense in a time of war
  3. Crucial jobs are being taken away just to keep the policy

Clincher - Quote about what the policy has cost the military

---- (The link below is another one of my references, I'm just saving it here so I can find it at home. Disregard it.),+Don%27t+Tell%22+policy&ots=U2geItd784&sig=jV6VpCO_66MrrA3r06EfrCeOM-0#PPA12,M1

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